IMG_2169_Facetune_28-09-2018-18-24-35Alicia Alexandra (better known as by her online handle: EightBitBlonde) is a community manager and consultant, partnered streamer and all-purpose geek originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Her likes include fantasy novels from the late 80’s, games about pixelated farms, re-watching the same shows over and over again on Netflix and liking cute animal photos on Facebook.

She currently lives outside of Chicago, Illinois with her husband, Adam (who she met playing Halo 4 on Xbox Live), their rescue dog, Penny and lots and lots of books.

Partnered Streamer on Mixer

Alicia started streaming on Microsoft’s Mixer platform as EightBitBlonde in April of 2017 with the intention of sharing her passion with like-minded gamers while building a positive, casual space for viewers. In September she applied to the Mixer partnership program and was accepted.

She live streams on a fluctuating schedule four times a week at 8PM (CT) and specializes in variety content on Xbox (everything from AAA FPSs to platforming indie titles).

Editor and Podcaster at Girls on Games

Finished college and drawn to creating game-centric content, she reached out to Girls on Games, a Montreal-based video game and geek culture blog in July of 2014. Once part of the Bell Media family, Girls on Games had content featured across 13 media & radio station websites before the team decided to strike out on their own. Girls on Games’ goal is to highlight and provide coverage of Montreal’s video game industry and community.

As part of the Girls on Games team, Alicia has written game reviews as well as promotional and editorial pieces on various facets of games culture, covered events (live and recorded) and is one of 4 hosts on the site’s weekly podcast.